4040 Challenge

Stage 1: Kick-start the nursery 
TARGET: $6,700 will restock the nursery so we can plant 40,000 trees by mid to late 2017.
DURATION: 55 DAYS to reach the target.

AIM: The nursery is empty and the first step is to grow the next 40,000 trees. What we need are the supplies to make our nursery functional. It’s already there, we just need your help to make it grow.
LOCATION: Daintree, Queensland

Rainforest Trust-Australia will employ a nursery manager who works with local volunteers. Together they’ll collect the seeds from the rainforest and grow the trees in the nursery so they’ll do all the hard work.

What we need

Grow tubes (pots)
Potting mix
Total: $6,700 
   ​We must raise these funds by 24th of December (55 days) so we can begin growing the trees in January and be ready to plant then out in mid to late 2017.
They cost $130 per 1,000 so 40,000 tubes will cost $5,200
   We need 10 cubic metres at $150 a metre so we need $1,500
Let's Start Growing Tomorrow's Future
Stage 2: Plant millions of trees a year
Once we have reached our target of 40,000 trees we would like to launch stage two of the challenge. 
TARGET: Millions of  trees a year to reach 40 million trees by 2040.

DURATION: 24 years

LOCATIONS:  Tropical, subtropical and temperate rainforest Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania

AIM: We would like to double the target each year for the next seven years before pushing onto our target of planting over two million trees each year after.

2017 = 40,000 trees
2018 = 80,000 trees
2019 = 160,000 trees
2020 = 320,000 trees  
2021 = 640,000 trees
2022 = 1,280,000 trees
2023 = 2,560,000 trees

Every year after 2023 we will plant two million trees a year to reach
40 million trees by 2040. The 4040 Rainforest Challenge.